Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a sad letter...

dear riding,

the days have been awful from being away from you.  i feel like i'm no longer me when we are apart.  it was so dumb of me to take you away from my schedule.  i should have known better than to say no to taking a riding class.  its dreadful going to the barn and knowing that we will not be together.  i still have to clean stalls, but i don't get to enjoy you anymore.  i've realized now that even when i didn't want to ride, it was nice being at the barn and there was always that familiar bond between us.  now, i am lost without you! its only a matter of months till we can be together again.  i hope you have not given up on me!  i will be more dedicated to you than anything next semester.  oh boy, have i learned my lesson to never quit you.  i mean, what was i thinking anyway? taking you away from me like that.  it won't happen again.

love, poor pathetic me.