Wednesday, November 24, 2010

monday, final prep, and happy thoughts

Monday, I practiced for my final exam in Horsemastership IV.  The way we practice is to run through the actual tests: Dressage, First Level Test One and Training Level Test Four.  I rode a horse named Maverick.  He was okay, kind of difficult for First, One but we made it through the test without any drastic mistakes.  

What I've learned here at Averett is that you need to quickly analyze the best way to ride the horse in a matter of ten minutes and preform a dressage test to the best of you and your horse's ability.  That's all you can do. You aren't riding at school working with the same horse everyday, you ride multiple horses and learn the differences between them.  It makes you a better rider because it gives you the confidence to get on any horse and try to work with it to show off the horse's talents and abilities.  

Anyways, test prep was okay.  None of my friends in my class particularly had the best ride (i didn't either) so usually we go on a walk afterwords to discuss what was good and what was awful.. sometimes this can be the best time of the day at the barn because we have each other to laugh with.  So, we are walking down the long drive way and I'm texting someone while my horse is trying his hardest to just turn around and walk back to barn so he can munch on grass and finally half way down, I just decide to go back and my other friend, Shannon does too.  Well, it isn't until we are a ways down the drive when my friends Jessie and William realize and Jessie yells in her southern accent "hey! where y'all goin?"

Without my friends I don't think I'd have as good a time as I do at the barn.  Usually when we are on walks and the horses are spread out based on their speed I announce the horses coming down the stretch.. who's in front, who's behind, who's winning, who's gaining... it always makes things interesting and less dull.  Or when we are picking our stalls we play chicken with the wheelbarrows.  One time I was standing waiting for Jessie to finish loading her wheelbarrow with shavings and my friend Shannon walks up with hers and just crashes it into mine knocking it over while I'm just standing there... shocked.  Haha.  Good times, they make the barn that more interesting.


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