Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What registration for classes is like...

Registering for college classes is one of the most exciting things.  Thanks to my advisor for my fall semester of my freshman year I had a great schedule.  At Averett University you will get something called an Official Evaluation.  This packet contains anything academic you have ever done at Averett and it also provides you with all of the classes you need for your major and all of your General Education classes.  Right there writen in black and white.  For my major Equestrian Studies Management Concentration I have Core Requirements for the ES (Equestrian Studies) program and Concentration Requirements for my Management Concentration. 

For Fall semester of my freshman year I've taken:

ENG 111 Intro to Writing (General Education)
TH 105 Intro to Theatre (General Education)
IDS 106 Freshman Course (General Education)
ES 105 Concepts of Equine Care (Core Requirement)
ES 109 Horsemastership IV (Core Requirement)
BIO 101 Intro to Biology (Core Requirement)

And for Spring semester of my freshman year I hope to take:

ENG 112 Intro to Literature (GE)
MATH 103 (GE)
IDS 200 Secong Part of Freshman Course (GE)
ES 115 Stable Management (Core Requirement)
BSA 221 Principles of Accounting I (Concentration Requirement)
ECO 201 Principle of Microeconomics (Concentration Requirement)

For first semester you are suppose to meet with your advisor and learn how to register for classes while they select classes for you.  But, for second semester you get to choose your own schedule and this can be a very good thing if you learned that you cannot for the life of you wake up for an 8AM ever again or if you do really well in english at the end of the day when you had all morning to finish writing the paper thats due at 5PM.  I've learned these things...

From what I've learned at Averett as an ES major, my advisor and the school wants me to be planned out so that I can graduate on time.  This is a very good thing because I know that I've got someone backing me up to make sure that I'm on track for my major. 

cool :)

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